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Other social media sites or communities (e.g. blogs, websites, podcasts, accounts, pages, groups, etc.) related to our business, products or services are not official and will not be supported by Team Rokka.

Obtain permission for official company use of social media. If you’re interested in starting an official external Team Rokka blog, website, podcast, account, page, group, etc. related to our business, products or services, contact Team Rokka immediately.

We do not endorse or take responsibility for any content posted by our partners or third parties, a.k.a. user-generated content (UGC). This includes text input and uploaded files, including video, images, audio, executables, and documents. If you find yourself in a situation where Team Rokka’s business, products or services are being discussed, there are some guidelines we ask all parties to follow to keep it safe for everyone. These guidelines are available from Team Rokka.