The conservation work of Team Rokka is funded by donations, grants and sponsors. Our main objective is the operative work on the field. Our communication is based mainly on what we have witnessed on the front line.

Our principle is to have a light governmental infrastructure to direct our funds to front line activities and operations.

Team Rokka’s detection dog project in years 2015 and 2016 in Tanzania has finished, at least at this moment. Pioneer project was highly successful. Right now Team Rokka is identifying all possibilities to implement new projects to trail poachers and wildlife traffickers. New destinations are in Africa and Asia.

Team Rokka will gather funds to new projects only after when we are fully prepared with a decision where we’re headed. Raising funds without operative work is not part of our plan and values. Finnish Team Rokka family members can support our local activities by purchasing support products. These products cover costs arising from travelling to find new sponsors and operative partners.

By supporting us now and in the future, you’re supporting animal conservation and the operative work of Team Rokka

The announcement for fund raising will be made on our Facebook pages. Stay tuned!

Team Rokka