Founding member & ChairmanPAMS Foundation

Vice President of the International Ranger Federation (IRF)

Wayne Lotter

Were are very pleased to have Team Rokka joining us. Team Rokka will help us to find more of that actual evidence and help us and our partners to break the gangs and cartels which often are very good at hiding key evidence from the human eye. We hope that you in Finland will support Team Rokka too as they come to support and help us in our efforts, you can make a difference in that way.

Artist, performer and the writer & presenter of TV show Finland’s Funniest Home Videos

Sampo Marjomaa

I support Team Rokka because laziness and indifference are destroying our planet – we need people who get their asses off the couch and start doing something about it. You cannot change things with virtual clicks and likes only. You need to get involved against the wrongdoings. The disappearance of the african elephants due the poaching is a huge issue. It’s time to stop the tragedy. See my video message.

Journalist, author

Rauli Virtanen

I have been a nature buff since I was a schoolboy and during my adult life, my best trips have been wildlife safaris in Africa with my sons. I want my grandchildren to have a possibility to see African elephants and other wildlife abundant and in the free. The extirpation of African elephants in their natural habitat is such a concrete threat today that only effective, international cooperation and citizens’ voluntary work can save the last giants.

Trafficking of ivory is a challenging adversary due to widely spread corruption and the multilayered nature of the trade. Measures at the ends of the chain of operation have proved insufficient and therefore it is important and highly significant that the Finnish ivory sniffer dog Team Rokka joins forces with African authorities to stop the deadly trade at its source. Their valuable work benefits us all.

Radio personality, entrepreneur

Jari “Jaajo” Linnonmaa

I’ve become the proud father of two lovely baby girls and I wish that when they grow up, they will have the chance to see real elephants and rhinos and not only their pictures in books. Team Rokka is based on cooperation between species. That is quite something! The work of Team Rokka combines Finnish professionalism with caring. I support Team Rokka! Join us!